Packing Tips and Tricks for Travel!

Whether you love travelling with a backpack or strolling around with a luggage, there is always a hack of a system so you can easily travel!

I know that I always like to pack light and prefer to bring less clothes (psst… so that I can buy new clothes on the new destination) but, laundry or wash the clothes myself during travel is better. Especially when its a long journey ahead! The lighter the clothes, the better and faster to dry. Oh yes.. thats why I have 3 pairs of legging. So I will post more about how I usually travel and hopefully can shine a light for you girls!😀

I always divide my things into two bags, the backpack and the daybag where I can easily find anything. In the beginning, I had no idea of how I should pack things into my bags. I had some time when I had to re-pack everything on the airport because of my stupid mistake putting my toiletry kit aka the liquid so deep into my backpack. I had to re-organize everything again after through the custom and security. Sometimes that kind of thing happens. But hey.. This is where useful information about packing should comes, right?

Now, Rebateszone has helped to compact the info in one nice infographic for you travellers! I know that I have done some of these in the past, but I just found interesting tips that I should have done before (Buy Protect-it cubes! Done!)

Hope you can find this useful for your next travel🙂

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Jejak Marina

One Day of Bali Sharks


What is scarier than an ocean with sharks? 

An ocean without them.

Couple of months ago I got an email from Nana of the Bali Sharks if I wanted to come by and write about them. Truth to be told, I didn’t even know about the organisation at first, but I always wanted to be more involved about the sea life. So when I got the chance to visited Bali, I finally made some time to spent one day on Bali Sharks.

Check out and watch the video summary here:

Our journey started with me and my travel buddy, Ali almost getting lost in Serangan Island. I accompanied my friends one year ago in Serangan to check out the place for surfing. It was a very quite neighborhood and not yet developed much, but it has a stunning view!Bali_Sharks_Serangan_13Bali Sharks is an independent organisation founded by Paul Friese to help nurturing the sharks and release them when they are big enough to be independent on the sea. The office itself is located in Serangan Island, Bali. It wasn’t hard to find the office as the people on the area already know where it is, so it was easier for us to ask when we got lost.Bali_Sharks_Serangan_10Paul finally came with his friend Emerald, so after we got our introduction we took a boat together from the harbour and stopped in the middle of the sea. They made a sanctuary for the sharks and called the place “Sharks Island”. Pretty catchy name yeah?🙂Bali_Sharks_Serangan_19Bali_Sharks_Serangan_20The Sharks Island is build with the net, woods and placed in the middle of the sea. The owner said it’s the best way to nurse the sharks. The pool currently divided by two, the white tip sharks and the black tip one. As the black tip is the aggressive ones, they tend to move fast and get the food quickly than the white one, so they had to separate them.

Oh boy I was so happy to see so many sharks on the conservations! I had the first experience with sharks in Karimun Jawa before, but the sharks in this island is so much better and in good condition.Bali_Sharks_Serangan_21Bali_Sharks_Serangan_05We started off the day by feeding them and even tried to touch them from the surface. It was such an experience!

Bali_Sharks_Serangan_07 Bali_Sharks_Serangan_06Ali who was in doubt before to swim with sharks finally got the courage and convinced to snorkelling on the pool with them. Me, Ali and Emerald were so excited to get into the water. Another tip from Paul is that as long as we were stay quite in the water, they will keep coming and surround us. Gosh, it was such a great time!Bali_Sharks_Serangan_17Bali_Sharks_Serangan_14Bali_Sharks_Serangan_09Bali_Sharks_Serangan_15Along the way Paul gave us some knowledge about the sharks behaviour, their struggle to keep the place alive and how they would safe the sharks from the fisherman in Bali. They offer the eco-tour to experience swimming with sharks and turtle conservation too which got eyes on from many media in Indonesia. Their income mostly are used to save the sharks from the fisherman. They gave money as the fee to buy the sharks alive that got caught by the fisherman in spite of killing them for food.

As a diver and a sea lover I totally understand the meaning of sharks being in sea ecosystem. Sharks as the top predator of the food chain helps balancing the ecosystem. Not only just the other fishes but also the corals. So who wouldn’t love to see more beautiful corals and amazing sea creatures underwater when you go snorkelling?NusaLembongan_Bali_25That is what also happened with Paul, as a surfer and diver he also felt the same way and realise that the only way to protect the sea is by saving the sharks. Indonesia currently is the country who catches sharks more than other countries, especially in Bali, and that what brings Paul come and settle down here. Paul has become more independent about the programme and decided to take more influencing people and media to visit them, instead of coming to big companies.Bali_Sharks_Serangan_02Bali_Sharks_Serangan_01Paul also gave us a look an embryo of shark’s egg. Another info that we should know, oh yes some sharks do have eggs.Bali_Sharks_Serangan_11What Bali Sharks has done on the area apparently has also provoked many places around to do the same, and by all means, they probably do it for many different reasons. But I surely believe that what Bali Sharks and Paul has done to Indonesia’s ocean are purely for the love of the sea.

So make sure to visit Bali Sharks whenever you have a chance to visit Bali. You can do more things that will help the sea by just visiting this place. These guys at the office will surely help out and share their knowledges with you!

Trust me. It will be the once in a lifetime experience you couldn’t forget!Bali_Sharks_Serangan_12Contact Person: 

Nana Trisnawati – 0361 9965282 –


The Majestic Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

featured_Bagan_MyanmarAfter a great tour of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I never would have thought that I would have set my heart more in an ancient city named Bagan, Myanmar. No wonder they called Myanmar the city of thousands of temples and pagodas. Bagan has over than 2000 temples, pagodas and monasteries to explore. This is the place where all pagodas built the most across Myanmar.

Our route for Myanmar was short due to our short time visa, so we only had 2 days to explore Bagan. We decided to rock hard on the first day and touring all the beautiful temples that was recommended by Lonely Planet and blogs that we read online. There were 3 transport options to circle the archeological zone for backpackers; moped, horse cart, or car. Since Arma couldn’t ride motorbike or even moped, we took the horse carriage instead. Knowing that Myanmar doesn’t have a good mobile internet, we couldn’t depend on Google Map at all, so hiring the driver was a good choice! Bagan_Myanmar_28Bagan_Myanmar_27The driver was super nice and I was actually glad that I could take a break on the cart (Oh motorcycle made my butt numb for hours) So we had a very beautiful journey sightseeing couple of temples that we passed by. It was eye candy for us even on the road🙂Bagan_Myanmar_20Take a peek on our first temple we stopped by. The details of the decoration and the stupas are exquisite! We knew that the Kingdom of Myanmar and Thailand crossed some histories, but never thought that it has major differences on the temples. Bagan_Myanmar_30Bagan_Myanmar_26Bagan_Myanmar_14What amazed us more is the mural painting inside the pagodas. They were enormous and have histories to tell. It was quite rare to see some mural painting with the drawing style almost like Chinesse in a temple, so we were excited going around for hours just to look at those murals. Although we were bit disappointed that couple of painting was stolen from the wall. Probably some people try to sell them for money, it’s the same cases like Buddha’s head statues on Borobudur temple, Indonesia.

Nonetheless, these Burmese temple still not even guarded well. Gosh, it really should be preserved by the government.Bagan_Myanmar_24Bagan_Myanmar_23Bagan_Myanmar_22The next temple that we reached was the modern one. The stupas and the decoration were filled with gold and jewelries. It was quite different and plenty of local people still go to pray there. There were even people selling souvenirs on the road. The praying spot were quite regular like other Buddhist temples, so it wasn’t really special much.

Then, we realized that Myanmar temples put their love more to the exterior part of the temples more than the interior one. So even though it was a hot day and we already took our shoes off (we entered a scared place, remember?) we insisted to go out, almost crying because of our burned feet, and took plenty of beautiful photos of the temples exterior.

Could you resist these?Bagan_Myanmar_17Bagan_Myanmar_10Bagan_Myanmar_12Bagan_Myanmar_11Our driver then took us to this craft place somewhere on the road before our last temple visit. We weren’t really aware about these, but we glad that we stopped by.

The owner took us to their workshop first up on the second floor. I was so amazed with their handicraft and how’s they do the process with their art.  They are still using traditional way to make the decoration for mugs, tables, sliding door, and so many things. Even the colors were used was still adapted from the nature. The worker are mostly women, young and middle age, and they were very diligent on crafting each one. That means, they made each souvenirs one by one with their hands and do you know how long it will take? Gosh….Bagan_Myanmar_04Bagan_Myanmar_05We were so blown away and of course, I really had to take one of this back as a reminder that there are people put their hearts and patiences when it comes to the make a perfect art. This explains so much why the exterior temples in Myanmar are so crafty designed. They are details oriented, very (oh very) patience, perfectionist yet so humble. Bagan_Myanmar_08Bagan_Myanmar_02Bagan_Myanmar_03The last temple we visited on that day was the perfect spot for sunset and sunrise. I think most tourists would know this temple as you have seen many beautiful images on the internet was taken at this place. So we just rested there and took plenty pictures up on the peak of the temple. 

The view will take your breath away. Seriously. There are thousands of temples on every horizon and it will make you feel so small. You would think that centuries ago people are capable of building something that could last until now. The kingdom of Bagan is truly fascinating and you would absorb the history lies within.Bagan_Myanmar_09Bagan_Myanmar_07Bagan_Myanmar_06After a while we chatted with other travellers about Myanmar when a group of monks came up too with us. We were a bit intrigue to ask them many questions. But then again, we also remember that monks could not connected with the opposite sex. So we thought we should respect them and help them take pictures with other tourists. Bagan_Myanmar_16Bagan_Myanmar_13Arma said that Myanmar remind her a lot with Indonesia in the old days – around 80s or even less. It was still very early ages for technologies in Myanmar, but the country were filled rich with cultures and histories that the next generation should really preserved.

We do hope that Myanmar’s historical places will never change into a skyscrapers building or modern lifestyle. We knew that Myanmar was still trying to open their country for tourism, and in a good way, it was a very eye opener for us. Our knowledges about this country was astounding and it was the most beautiful country I have ever been.

Oh, you won’t find any malls here, you won’t have any good mobile internet or even good wifi, even handphone itself was still new for them, you will find it hard to be on the smooth asphalt road. You will think that Indonesia is already modern enough, don’t even compare with Europe. I honestly thought that I was so proud of being Indonesian, we are far more modern than them. But I was wrong.

In here I found the most friendliest smile, the goodness in people, the simple life, the enrichment of cultures, the patiences that most people on these age won’t have and the art of a true country with its history intact. Our experiences in Inle Lake was another encounter of a simple human life.

I truly blessed of having these connection with Myanmar. I fully respect the country.quote_Bagan_Myanmar

Getaway Nusa Lembongan, Bali Indonesia

featured_NusaLembongan_BaliNusa Lembongan is the perfect place to get away if you want to feel more of the island life. Not only the beaches are so beautiful, but there are many interesting spots that you should check out.

I have been to this island 3 times and yet so many new things I have experienced during the trip. The first one was a blur. It was just me and my sister crashing my dad’s friend’s villa, because we don’t know anyone there, so we thought we should take any opportunity arise. We stayed at a villa with wonderful view where I also met a female traveller from Prague. She encouraged me a lot to try travelling outside of my comfort zone, and made me realise that all women around the world has the same fear like I do. I think it was the first time I connected with a solo traveller and it kind of built myself inside that I can do what she does too!NusaLembongan_Bali_27So what your really should do in Nusa Lembongan for the first time is: Rent The Scooter. Trust me. This is the basic one if you really want to explore the island. NusaLembongan_Bali_20

Now you are ready to go, here’s what I really recommend to do:

1. Visit Nusa Ceningan Bridge (Take a risk on the Jumping Cliff!)NusaLembongan_Bali_23Nusa Ceningan is the small island on the side of Nusa Lembongan. The bridge that connect those two island is the trademark that you shouldn’t miss. It was kinda scary, as many of my friends almost fell off from the bridge. So please when you are passing it with plenty of scooters behind you, ask them to wait until you arrive on the side. If you bring a child, it’s better if you asked the child to walk instead. Because it would be much safer.

Visiting the Jumping Cliff always the must-to-do list. Even though if you don’t plan to do the crazy jump, the mesmerizing view will take your breath away.NusaLembongan_Bali_08NusaLembongan_Bali_13NusaLembongan_Bali_19NusaLembongan_Bali_21Jumping from the cliff was my bucket list since forever!! First time I arrived, I was like.. wow.. the view is exquisite!! Then I looked down, it was.. rrr.. scary.NusaLembongan_Bali_17I didn’t get a chance to jump until my third visit there with a group of friends. There weren’t any people or guide when we got there. But we took the risk and decided to jump instead (Don’t ever consider to do what we did. Seriously. The cliff even closes down now)NusaLembongan_Bali_16NusaLembongan_Bali_12But nonetheless, jumping from that cliff never felt so good! I am so glad that I did it even though my thigh were sore the next day. I was the second to jump and the only girl that were crazy enough to do it. My bestie were the one who encourage me to try. Should warn you from now though, jumping can also become an addiction as well😉NusaLembongan_Bali_26

2. Take a stop on the Seaweed farm.NusaLembongan_Bali_06When you are going on the road to Nusa Ceningan, notice the seaweed farm on the side of the road. It has tremendous view, and I recommend you to stop and get to chat with the locals. They will easily talk to you about anything including the farm if you want to know more.NusaLembongan_Bali_03NusaLembongan_Bali_07

3. The Devil’s Tears

Intriguing name doesn’t it? Well, you will get amused when you look at what does the name really means. It is a spot where the big wave of the ocean crash the corals and the water splashes really big. I think that’s why they named it “Devil’s Tears”.NusaLembongan_Bali_05First time I came it was splendid! We were wet just by taking the pictures. But the second one it wasn’t much too see. I think it depends on the month and the time you’re going there.NusaLembongan_Bali_01

4. Snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

Of course, what else is the reason you would come to this beautiful island? It has tremendous beaches spread out (My favourite is Dreambeach!), good waves to catch for surfing, and plenty of dive centres to join.I haven’t try any surfing here though, but I think should be good. There weren’t much surfers, so you can surf freely, the waves are good depending on the place and time you’ll go.NusaLembongan_Bali_04Some of the snorkelling spots in Nusa Lembongan are exquisitely beautiful! I totally recommend you to ride the motorcycle to the Mangrove forest, and deal with the boats there to have a better price as it is closer to the spots. You can also snorkelling and diving to Nusa Penida from here too.NusaLembongan_Bali_11NusaLembongan_Bali_14NusaLembongan_Bali_15NusaLembongan_Bali_25

5. Circle the island with the scooter.

I don’t know if it was a good luck or a bad one. The third trip while I was on the road back from Nusa Ceningan, we got blocked by the Balinese ceremony. We were a bit panicked cos we had to catch the boat home to Bali that afternoon too. It was 2 hours left to go back to Nusa Lembongan.

It was just the 4 of us, two motorbikes and I was one of the driver. The only choice was to circle to the back of the island, where trust me.. I don’t think any of the tourists even go there. But we did. (and we survived too).NusaLembongan_Bali_29The road were good, some are broken but it wasn’t a big deal. The view and the nature was the big points in our journey. For you who likes to do challenge and adventure, you really should try going on this way instead. There were some local kids and villagers who are trying to sell souvenirs along the way, but it was just 2 or 3 persons that we stopped by to ask direction.

6. View the island on the peak of the hillNusaLembongan_Bali_09Oh it has tremendous view! Many tourist will stop and take a break here when they were about to go to Nusa Ceningan. It will very easy to spot. Even the restaurant already prepared in front of the view! More tourist swill come when it near the sunset time.NusaLembongan_Bali_22If you asked me, would I go to Nusa Lembongan again for the forth time, I would say “Yes!”. It has beautiful sunset, places to snorkel, beautiful nature, cute cafes and restaurant with friendly local people.

The really perfect gateway of experiencing the island life in Bali🙂quote_NusaLembongan_Bali

The Superwoman of August: Tiara Said

Header_TiaraI was contacted by the other author of Los Indos, Rizki Tarisa to check out their website and if I could highlight the profile of Tiara for the next Superwoman. I was amazed with their adventures on their blog! Especially when I read how far Tiara has been on the road too. When I contacted her and saw her Facebook, turned out we have a mutual friend! My dive buddy in Bali was her classmate back in Medan. See how small the world is?🙂

Oh, I do understand when she said that some people don’t even know where Indonesia is. This is a good chance for us to show the world that.. Hello! Even we Indonesian, got some cool female backpackers too!

She has plenty to say about solo traveling and  I totally agree with what she wrote on the Q&A below. Would love to meet her in person if I ever had a chance! Meanwhile read her stories to get inspired by her journey.

Name: Tiara Said



Nationality: Indonesian

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: IT Business Analyst


What makes you do solo traveling for the first time?

I think it was those short family trips I took as a child that initially sparked the travel bug. I used to love the rush and excitement of getting on planes and having my passport stamped.

Then during my uni days, I used to work part-time at a communications provider for backpackers, where I met a lot of young solo travelers from all over the world. I was so fascinated and inspired by their stories and the lifestyle of long-term travel. And on the night of my 20th birthday, I made a before-I-turn-30 bucket list, one of the goals being solo backpacking around the world. It took a few years for me to save some cash and leave (cutting back on expenses was not easy), and technically I still have a huge portion of the world to cover, but I’m grateful I did it.

Share us about your first time solo, where did you go and what did you do?

My very first solo trip was three weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam in 2011. I was immediately mesmerized by the whole experience, the places, the freedom. But it wasn’t enough. So in mid 2013, I quit my job and embarked on my first long-term solo travel, starting in Amsterdam. I still remember the butterflies I got when I first landed at Schiphol Airport. A feeling I later found to be very addictive.

In the months of my exploration around Western Europe, I learned Spanish in Spain, took an impromptu road trip to Portugal with people I just met, learned heaps about Roman history in Italy, was amazed by Michelangelo’s work in Vatican, ate my way through a dozen patisseries in Paris, strolled through Diagon Alley in London, chased Auroras in Iceland… The list goes on, I can keep going..

In Peru

 So what are the love/hate things when you were traveling alone?

Well yes there were those few mildly troublesome moments. Like when I needed someone to watch my stuff while I go to the bathroom at the bus station, instead of carrying my backpack into the cubicle (it’s not easy being a girl). And when I wanted to try all the food they were selling, and wish there was someone I could share the calories with (but I still ate everything anyway).

But the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide. One of the best things about traveling solo is the freedom and flexibility, that you can go wherever, do whatever, whenever and however you want, without thinking about anyone else. It may sound a bit selfish I know, but trust me it’s extremely liberating. You plan your own itineraries, you’re not tied to any schedules, and it’s so easy to make decisions. Whether you want to wake up for the sunrise, or sleep in all day, it’s all up to you.

And above that is that when you travel solo, you’re never really alone. You tend to be more social and so you meet new people everywhere. I was lucky to meet and hang out with fun, interesting, like-minded people during my travel, and had an amazing time. Sometimes it was just a walk around town, or a visit to some site, but there were also a couple times where I traveled together in a group for a longer period, which was a really nice break from being alone.


Who’s your travel inspiration?

As cliche as it sounds, probably all the travelers I met, all the inspiring travel stories I heard. And I must say I met a lot of inspiring people during my travel, from the guy who hitchhiked and couchsurfed all over South America, the Brit who rode his bicycle all the way from Alaska to Chile, the middle-aged guy who has been traveling everywhere for over 20 years, the Japanese girl who traveled solo all around the world… there are too many. Every person, every story just gave me more energy to keep going and made me want to explore more.

What is your favorite websites and travel apps do you often use?

Travel guides are a good start to scratch the surface and get a general idea of things, but I never stick by it entirely. I rely on plain ol’ Google, as it often led me to a lot of interesting travel blogs which I found to be a lot more useful.

What is your favorite country so far? Any recommendation for female solo traveler?

I personally fell in love with South American countries. Colombia, in particular, is one of the most misunderstood and underrated countries to visit. Its landscape, mountains, beaches, culture, villages, cities, and nightlife are all a traveler’s playground, but it’s the warmth and smiles of its people that really make this country what it is.

Contrary to popular belief, I found South America to be very safe and friendly for female solo travelers. Just you know, always use common sense and don’t do anything stupid, like carry $1000 in your wallet, or walk alone drunk at 3AM in a dark alley, which are things you probably shouldn’t do anywhere anyway.

In Peru

What’s the important thing you always bring when you solo traveling? (beside money & passport)

A camera – I would cry if I lost all my travel pictures.

What’s also interesting is that I learned the ability to live with a lot less. I ended up leaving a trail of stuff I thought I needed, including a hair-straightener, beauty supplies, shoes, and those extra outfits I never wore.. It felt good to take the weight off. And after I lost my phone in Peru, I was living without a phone for 5 months.

Everyone has their quirky thing when they travel. I love doing temple hunting and visiting museums. So what’s yours?

I have a collection of small memorabilia from each country. And I love checking out the local markets.Superwoman_Tiara_Chile1

Share your tips for any first time solo traveller?

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you should travel solo, let go of whatever it is that is holding you back. It’s natural to be a bit anxious. If you think it’s scary, well that’s part of what makes it so much more fun.

Now, if you already have both feet over the line, then I’ll share a few things I picked up on the road:

Travel slow, do not rush it. It’s the only way to really soak in the full experience.

I stayed in hostels and took the cheapest form of transport (which is often the longest), not only to save money but also because I found that you will see and experience more this way.

Open yourself up to people. Meet other travelers, talk to the locals, and you will learn a lot. Trust your instincts, and you’ll be surprised at the kindness of strangers.

Don’t just stick to the main tourist sites. Take a trip off the beaten path.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. I only discovered my love for the mountains and hiking 9 months into my travel, and been hooked ever since.

Be spontaneous and keep your itinerary open. Don’t plan to the minute, book your bed one night at a time, and play everything by ear. There were times when I just showed up at the bus station and figured out my next destination then and there. I discovered that sometimes if you just roll with it, you end up having the best time of your life.

For the Indonesian readers out there, don’t be surprised if some people have never even heard of Indonesia. I found this especially true in South America. Be prepared for people to shout out “Ni hao” or “Konichiwa” at you. It makes for a good laugh though. For me the funniest was arguing with this man who was adamant that Indonesia is a part of China.

And finally, traveling is not the same thing as a vacation. It can be extremely exhausting – physically and emotionally. It might not be all rainbows and unicorns every single day. You may get a couple of bad travel days here and there. I’ve had a fair share of those, including getting lost (many times), enduring countless grueling long-haul bus rides (one of which had a horrible toilet stench for 7 hours), and one time I even broke down to tears because for 2 whole weeks absolutely nothing was going my way. But in the end, you know that a bad travel day is still better than a non-travel day. Because of what you achieve and discover from it. Plus, it makes a much better story.


What’s your favorite travel quote that’s best describe you?

“We travel initially to lose ourselves, and we travel next to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again—to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.” — Pico Iyer

She grew up in Medan, Indonesia, and lived her adult life in Sydney, Australia. In July 2013, she bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, left her 9-5 routine, and commenced the trip of her life. She traveled for a period of 16 months, exploring 18 countries in Western Europe, South America, and South Asia. She is now trying to relive her trip through her memories and photos, while mentally planning her next travel.

The Magic of Angkor Wat (Day 2)

featured_angkorwat_CambodiaThe second day in Siam Reap was more fascinating! Maybe because we were visiting temples that weren’t many tourists would go. The places were quite far and the weather were a bit strange. It was raining half of the way and then suddenly it stopped. Half an hour later it got heavy rain again. Jumbo was our hero. He kept riding the motorcyle with the raincoat even thought there were big winds and hard rain.

Luckily, when we reached on the first temple, the sun were out and the sky turned so blue! Of course we were happy (oh Jumbo too!) The first temple were enormous and there were only 3 tourist beside us. So we basically ran here and there so freely. Can you imagine these kind of scenes? angkorwat_cambodia_16angkorwat_cambodia_15angkorwat_cambodia_18angkorwat_cambodia_14angkorwat_cambodia_02The next temples we visited were quite similar. But what I love of being away from the touristy place is that you can keep the whole place for yourself. A bit eery, but loving every minute of it. We kept on hunting the details of the temples that were still whole. It made us feel that we can absurd the magic within.angkorwat_cambodia_11angkorwat_cambodia_08angkorwat_cambodia_09angkorwat_cambodia_07There were so many things that we couldn’t just say with words when you were surrounded by this enormous temples. I felt so little. Yet these these ruins were the proof of the human existence centuries ago. They were brave and creative enough to build such magical places that could last for hundreds years.

Oh and how could they engrave those beautiful stories into sculptures on their building. Gosh! Could you please look at those details?angkorwat_cambodia_21angkorwat_cambodia_19angkorwat_cambodia_06So we finally got into the farthest one. The last temple that we went were quite small but it has huge ponds on every sides. This place apparently famous for the tourists, as when we reached there, the place were so full of people! I must admit that the temple is romantically beautiful. It has different ambience than any other temples we’ve been to in Angkor Wat.angkorwat_cambodia_17angkorwat_cambodia_04angkorwat_cambodia_20As we were going back home, Jumbo took us to one last temple before Angkor Wat close (Yeah we really don’t want to miss a thing eh?) But.. we were unlucky because the rain poured hard again! Oh don’t worry, this kind of thing never really stopped us. Arma already prepared with her rain coat. Her expression is funny right?😀angkorwat_cambodia_22 angkorwat_cambodia_23angkorwat_cambodia_24angkorwat_cambodia_25By the end of the day, we were absolutely fully satisfied by 2 days of temples hopping. I would definitely recommend to take the 2 days tour and 3 days ticket pass. It cost more, but the experiences was much more worthy.

Each of them has their own uniqueness that no other place could offer. Yes, even from Borobudur and Prambanan of Indonesia, Angkor Wat has its own charms that could captive your heart. It sure captured ours.quote_angjorwat_cambodia

How to contact our Tuk tuk driver, our hero, Jumbo Call him when you first landed in Siam Reap or the day before: 017456671 (Cambodian Number)

Reminiscent of The White Crater, West Java, Indonesia

featured_whitecrater_wesjavaHey I am back! Been so long since I last touched my blog again. So where the hell I have been to, missing for weeks? Aside from slipping myself on couple of snorkelling trips in the middle of hectic works and study plans, June-July was fasting month for Indonesia! I didn’t get around to spend last year Ramadan with family and friends, so I figure I should give it all for this year. Who knows where I am gonna be at the next Ramadan.

So I am taking this chance also to say Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin for all my readers, I wish you all happiness blessing and a peaceful Ied🙂whitecrater_westjava_minalThis month is also special because one of my travel buddy from Australia whom I met in Langkawi Island, finally come to visit and study in Indonesia. Back then Brit was already in love with the idea of travelling in Indonesia, and wanted to speak Bahasa Indonesia so much. She even learn couple of words in Bahasa Indonesia and that earned her my respect!

So this is us, Brit, Jade and me in Langkawi. Gosh, time sure flies!whitecrater_westjava_00We finally met in Jakarta and she is already fluent in speaking Bahasa Indonesia. I was amused! We can even communicate in Bahasa Indonesia now. She is only 20 years old but she already travelled halfway around the world by herself. Yes. Solo! I even learnt many tips and tricks from her.

So I invited her to come to my hometown, Bandung before she go back home. My best friends had an idea to visit Kawah Putih (The White Crater), which apparently is famous for the tourist. Last time that I came here was when I was 5 years old. I once saw the picture of me and my Dad in the white crater background, but I don’t remember. (Because what I remember from my childhood is always rolling my butt into the sea)

So when I finally step my foot there, I was stupidly stunning because of the view. Seriously. Was it ever this beautiful?

Without further ado, I’ll just show you the pictures so you know that you really have to come to my hometown!whitecrater_westjava_02whitecrater_westjava_07whitecrater_westjava_10whitecrater_westjava_03whitecrater_westjava_09whitecrater_westjava_05Thank you for 2 of my best friends who had the idea of coming back here and was so kind enough to let their weekend stolen for me and Brit! We both knows that you guys never treated me as a girl whenever we hang out, and that really makes me comfortable being myself. We always thrive to make our weekends more special than ever🙂whitecrater_westjava_08In the middle of crater, I suddenly remember pieces of my childhood with my Dad. I think this is also His way to remind me that I haven’t visit his grave since I came home. Brings me back to my memories of him. It was already 4 years since he left, but I always felt his presence when I was on the road. It’s not just an intuition, or a sappy sad story. The truth is I have been helped many times with so many strangers – middle age men who lives alone – while I was on the road. That reminds me of my late Dad.

Some part of me still feeling guilty of leaving him alone when he was alive. Maybe it’s time to payback to all those wonderful gentlemen who helped me so much. They were so kind and treated me like their own child. whitecrater_westjava_11It’s always good to be a tourist in your own hometown once in a while. You’ll never know what kind of memories could bring you back again. quote_whitecrater_westjava